Hey there! Welcome in! I'm Jay!
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October 26, 2023: MASSIVE BUT INTENTIONALLY SUBTLE OVERHAUL 🤩🤩 I wanted to reorganize some things since I'm better at coding than I used to be! I wanted it to be a little less clunky and a little easier to navigate on this side of things, and I think that's going well!

October 21, 2023: hiiii... I've been gone again. Oops. Anyway, only a few small updates this time! The most noticable is that I added DimDen's Navlink ads, so you can check out other people's sites too ^-^ I feel like I haven't been doing much here, so this is some passive support + a place for people looking at my page to go!

September 11, 2023: I've been working on quite a few little side-projects, none of which were this site (sadly), and I decided to come back and look at my code. And WOW it's very messy 😭 So, I went through and fixed up the parts that were glaringly painful to look at. Let's hope I didn't break anything! :D

July 7. 2023: I made a new blog post! I've been mostly gone for quite a while, but I wanted to make a liiiittle update hehe

May 28, 2023: It took me a bit to get around to making it, but WE'VE GOT A SKZ SHRINE NOWWWW

May 26, 2023: Sorry for the disappearance, turns out that procrastination was a big factor in my frequent updates :') Anyway, I think(?) I made a sitemap! I have no clue if it actually fits the definition of a sitemap, but I still think it's neat :D

May 8, 2023: I made my first shrine and made a completely separate layout for it, and I'm honestly shocked that it turned out so well! I have no intention of changing my current layout ofc, but it's so much cleaner, I can practically FEEL myself improving

May 7, 2023: This was an impulsive decision but I now have a tumblr blog, SPECIFICALLY for hosting videos so people who can't upload videos to their neocities sites can still have videos on them haha

May 6, 2023: Added in pre-loaders and now we've got stamps :D

May 5, 2023: holy HECK big update, I separated the blinkies from the links, I re-organized all the images, put spans in the places where divs were being disagreeable, and now I have a graphics page!

May 3, 2023: I added a spotify widget thingy :D some titles might get cut off but STILL

May 2, 2023: Pretty important update, I added flash warnings to all the pages with blinkies and fast-moving GIFs on them! :D

May 1, 2023: I already crossed some stuff off the to-do list 💀 but anyway, huge change to the sidebar, I added a microblog, and now there's a whole page of just buttons and blinkies! I might turn it into a general links page, but I like the buttons for now :D

April 30, 2023: Small little update, but I made a to-do list :)

April 25, 2023: I cleaned up my CSS a little bit, and set up a little status update thingy :D

April 22, 2023: I joined another webring bc why not, I did a liiiittle customization to the widget hehe, I made a 404 page, and also, I made a few more changes, so things should be running a bit smoother now!

April 21, 2023: I tried pulling up the site on a different computer and it was VERY slow, so I made some changes to hopefully speed up the loading times :)

April 19, 2023: I joined a webring :D

April 17, 2023: Yet another big update, but there's a blog section now, and most importantly, PETER IS CLICKABLE NOW (^O^)

April 16, 2023: Massive update to this site just a day later, for no reason other than being able to. But also I needed to get the ideas out so I can focus on the assignments that are due in literally two hours T-T also, idk what I did but Peter's not working so I'm sticking the link here until I figure that out lol

April 15, 2023: I should be doing school right now. However. Neocities caught my attention and refused to give it back... Although I probably should get back to school ;-; I'll add more stuff here soon!

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