Name: Jay
Pronouns: He/They/It (but I prefer he/they)
Age: 17 (2007)
Time Zone: PST
Other facts: I am a musician, my favorite color is blue (believe it or not), I am currently a Gifted KidTM, and this is the first website I've ever made by myself!

I'm oddly new to the internet, all things considered - I only ever got open access to it about four years ago (as of 2023, so I was 12). Before that, my digital footprint was comprised solely of my online schoolwork. Recently, I found out about Neocities and immediately liked the concept, so I decided to give it a try. Honestly, building this little site is probably the most entertaining thing I've done in quite some time! It feels nice to create something, especially a little online space for myself.

In real life, I'm currently working towards my associate's via a dual enrollment program. After that, I intend to study songwriting. Funnily enough, I've been writing songs for longer than I've had internet access, but that's beside the point. I want to study it because I really enjoy it, but I have quite a bit to improve. On the topic of improvement, I hope to make this little site better as I learn more about coding languages and such. Thanks for checking it out :D

- Music, especially by indie/self-produced artists
- Indie games
- Baking
- Anime

- Bigotry
- Yelling
- Cooked Spinach
- When people say pitch correction is cheating