April 17, 2023 ~ Webmaster 0-0

It's literally just hitting me now that I'm technically a webmaster :') I get that this shouldn't be surprising, seeing as I'm coding this thing by myself, and it is, in fact, a functioning website. I guess I just didn't think that the term "webmaster" would apply to me, since the site doesn't have a whole lot going on yet. It is a site, though, so that's the main qualifier, right? Do I even-

...okay, then, I guess so. Cool. In any case, it's still kind of weird to me that I'm actually building this thing by myself. I had a Carrd once, and I thought that was cool. Still, it had just enough restriction on it that it was infuriating to try and use for what I wanted a website for. I didn't find an ideal alternative until I found out about Neocities.

I came into this with absolutely NO knowledge of coding, and now I can kinda navigate through HTML and CSS. I'm sure there are bugs and issues I'm not noticing, and it's not optimized for other screen sizes, but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I made this. As of writing this, I've only had this site for three days, but I'm really proud of it so far! I'm honing in on this as a project, which is sort of problematic in my school life, but it's totally worth it :)