May 1, 2023 ~ Blinkies!!

In the midst of making myself a nice little page for all the buttons and blinkies I had crowding up the left sidebar, I became very suddenly and almost alarmingly interested in blinkies :')

I made a few, and I'm working on a page to hold just the ones that I made, and whatever other graphics/art/maybe music that I make! It's kind of like an expanded version of the music/art idea that's sitting on the to-do list, I guess? Anyway, BEFORE I DO THAT, I just wanna say, I had no idea it was this easy to make blinkies 😭 Idk why, but I guess I thought the generators were the only way to make them?? Definitely not the case. Now that I've started making them, the only thing stopping me is literally just lacking the ideas of what to say in them 💀

Honestly, the process was almost annoyingly simple once I figured it out. I just made stuff at 1500x200px in Canva, exported as a GIF, and then resized it down to 150x20px with a GIF resizer. And literally, I could've used an image-to-GIF thing and gotten a ton of them 😭 Just had to make things hard for myself lol

Anyways this is in no means a guide on it, I just need to talk about this bc I feel both really dumb and really proud about how I figured this out :)