I love these sm 😭

he/they pronouns soporine pride! well I am the b aroaceflux night person this user is time blind my executive isn't functioning powered by stress therapy is expensive, bubble wrap is free autistim! don't be afraid to dream daydreamer Rainbow! I am well travelled. My mind is always wandering. asthma blinkie collector currently procrastinating Don't click!!! You will explode!!! alone but not lonely Typos... Who needs bakspase? cringe culture is dead plushie collector I love my computer sleep deprived I love blinkies always anon on tumblr bad website design neocities user new to coding visual studio code user I'm doing my best bitten by the blinkie bug I emulate games let the wind lead Genshin Impact Player bonnie bunny I miss Joe Tazuna kel fan a life? what's that? my blinkie broke I ONLY work under pressure Peeps I right click blue lava lamp animation SCP Foundation panic at the everywhere I love music I/Me/Myself Miku Fan! I wanna be in love again, my new year's resolution smoke fills the lungs like a disease quote 8 stan BTS stan stray kids μ €κΈ°μš” λˆ„λ‚˜ ν˜Ήμ‹œ λ‚¨μžμΉœκ΅¬ μžˆμ–΄μš” get an ad blocker use firefox take your meds get some rest hydrate I love music I NEVER solved Rubix cube I love my online friends misophonia eat shit, transphobes