I take personality quizzes sometimes, so I'm sticking my results here :P
I'll try to keep it organized lol

What Dere Type Are You? Result: You are a Dandere! People see you as emotionless due to you being quiet/silent. You wil only open up to people who make an effort to get to know you, this is usually due to being super shy. Example: Sakaki Azumanga Daioh. Which Vocaloid Are You? Result: You are Oliver! you are stubborn, shy, and very kind. you don't really care about anything but helping someone be cheery. your friends are len, piko, and seeu. Which Magic Style Suits You? Result: Soul Magic. If you got this result, you're probably very loyal and empathetic. Soul Magic is magic you use with your soul, obviously. It connects directly to your soul, allowing you to cast spells within seconds. As soon as you realize your desire for something to happen, the spell is already underway. Some its best qualities include its speed and accuracy, as well as its power. Since it is fueled by desire and passion, spells cast with Soul Magic are only as strong as the will of those who cast them. No amount of skill can change this. The more determined you are, the stronger your magic will be. Skill, however, will determine the precision of you spells. Without a decent amount of skill, any Soul Spell can have catastrophic consequences. Collateral damage is very common with this style of magic, especially for novices. Soul Magic is one of the most commonly practiced Styles, but for someone to be born with an affinity for it is extremely rare. Stats: Technique: 4/10, Speed: 9/10, Difficulty: 6/10, Power: 10/10. If you're lucky, you may have an affinity for Soul Magic! This doesn't mean you're automatically great at it, but you will have an easier time learning it, and your spirit will become incredibly strong as you train. This style is best suited for those who trust their instincts and lead with their heart. Are you a soldier, a poet, or a king? Result: The King. There will come a ruler Whose brow is laid in thorn Smeared with oil like David's boy. Duty. Strength. Resignation. You were told to do things and you did them. The world is something that was put into your hands and that you must deal with - so you will. You have a rigid back and steady hands, either metaphorically or physically. Is it nature or nurture ? You don't know. You are tired of being steady. You dream of feeling alive. Not that you aren't, but, sometimes, it's hard to remember that there is a heart between your ribs. Your love is where you breathe. Come on, breathe. In. Out. It starts now. The EXTREMELY EXTENSIVE Genshin Impact Kin Quiz - Which playable character are you? Result: Layla. Anyone in your life knows that you are incredibly devoted to all your passions, whether it's academics or practical skills. You have a deep desire for exploration and growth, making you question everything in your life. Sometimes this can do more bad than good however, as you can become paranoid of all your surroundings and their intentions. You're also always exhausted, be it from a severe lack of sleep, or a mental weight that has been pressing down on you for a long time. Either way, get some sleep. You need it. Despite your struggles, and insecurities, you are incredibly perseverant, to the point of serious skill. Almost everyone at your stage in life would have given up, but you have continued to press on day after day. It's incredibly impressive and makes you stronger than almost everyone else. Although you try to work at a consistent pace, your inspiration comes in bursts, and you can work really well at seemingly random times. Those who catch you at these rare times will see a person of great energy and optimism, almost to the point of seeming like a different person. Sometimes, you even tend to feel the same. However, it is all you. You can be tired, energized, determined, and insecure. Each contradiction and strange trait makes you unique, and even though you feel that your raw talent is lacking, your determination is going to get you to your goals far better than raw talent ever could. You're amazing and strong, so try not to be so hard on yourself. And please get some sleep. Love Styles Test. Result: You were tied between multiple love styles. Borderline Spectrum Test. Result: Your borderline symptoms are high.
Mental Age Test. Result: Your mental age is 31.
Which SKZOO are you? Result: Foxi.ny. You are not as innocent as you seem! I know of your crimes. What Given character are you? Result: Mafuyu Satou. Do you need a hug? What kind of fairy are you? Result: Fairy of nature. you are absolutely in your own world. romanticizing life is your full time job, and you are not complaining. you probably live in a flower and are roommates with a bumblebee... and people think you are a bit weird for it, but you couldn't care less. your house is so full to the brim with plants, animal visitors, and trinkets you barely have enough room to walk around. you are quite a anxious soul, with a passion to be know for more than just the quiet kid who talks to moths, and the kid who got swallowed by a dog that one time... Your trauma score is? Result: 46/50 (Severe). The way you engage with the world and manage your emotions is being affected by your negative childhood experiences. What kind of love are you? Result: Love that lasts. You love so fiercely, with every fibre of your being. Maybe you were wounded by love in the past; such that you choose to love and love and love so wonderfully that the next person who comes into your life never doubts that they are loved by you. What kind of warmth are you? Result: Soup on a cold day. you're caring, consistent in your kindness, and quiet in your compassion for others. you offer warmth because you were cold for a very long time. and you refuse to stand by while others suffer in the same way. your kindness is not reckless. you count the costs, but you offer it anyway. you have a unique ability at reading people, and knowing when they have a pain that they are trying to cover up. your love language is probably quality time, and you're usually more of a listener in conversations. you probably find yourself taking on a caretaker role with others, almost automatically. so when people try to do the same for you, please don't flinch away. please don't withdraw into what feels like safety. there are people who are waiting to love you in the same way you have loved them. please let them.