A page to keep track of things that I made! Free to use without credit unless stated otherwise!

All of them are relevant to me and my interests!

A couple little tools I've made or spliced together!
Video Hosting - Submit or ask videos that you want to put on your website!
Artist Page Links - A beacons landing page that links back to several "For Artist" pages!

Again, all are relevant to me and my interests!
Stray Kids: NoEasy Neocities Sadly F2P School shouldn't hurt. The Red Means I Love You Brother, I watched the sky burn

Computer Wallpapers!
These are 1920x1080! You can use and edit them however you want! All the images I used are here!
Blue wallpaper with images of L from Death Note and Kaeya from Genshin Impact Red wallpaper with images of Bangchan from Stray Kids and the Stray Kids logo Purple wallpaper with an image of Virgil from Sanders Sides and a quote of his, saying, You tried, you failed, let's go to sleep. Green wallpaper with images of Deku from My Hero Academia and Gon from Hunter X Hunter Pink wallpaper with images of Wolfchan, a SKZoo, holding a heart, and Bbokari, a SKZOO, peeking in from a heart shaped window Red aesthetic wallpaper with various images of plants, shadows, and instruments layered around each other, surrounding an image of the members of Stray Kids. Grey/purple aesthetic wallpaper with various images of flowers, clouds, and skeletons layered around each other, surrounding the cover art for the song 'My Love is Sick', which features a drawing of a girl with orange flowers and butterflies covering her body.

well I am the b aroaceflux I'm doing my best Genshin Impact Player my executive isn't functioning visual studio code user 저기요 누나 혹시 남자친구 있어요 let the wind lead I miss Joe Tazuna panic at the everywhere quote 8 currently procrastinating Don't click!!! You will explode!!! I ONLY work under pressure